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It sucks, it sucks, it really really sucks when our dearest dream turns into a memory..

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I dont know what the future holds..But I wish that we face it together!

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The Story

When the worst part of your story gets true, it becomes an obligation to turn the brightest one into reality too!

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Come back, or release me. I cannot bear it more.

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The adverse feeling of losing you due to my very own mistakes seems to grow stronger every day. The hate for your own self is a such a difficult partner to cope with. And most of all, it sometimes get fucking confusing. Nobody likes to be in pain,  but reading our old conversations…it gives me the rarest type of pain..the enjoyable one.

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Kind of a girly thing may be..but writing your name before mine; It gives me so much of pleasure!

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Feeling crazy…laughing laughing and laughing…I dont know how can I have you back, but I will never give up.

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Queensland Tourism—An Overview

All of the countries now days are focusing on their tourism industry, as it not only generates great amount of revenue, but also helps in promotion of their culture. Australia is one of them too. Its beautiful snow capped mountains, transparent rivers and lakes, beautiful seas with beaches and attractive deserts speak their self. But, unfortunately, 6 months before, it was nowhere, because of the devastating flood and Cyclone Yasi mainly. Here, first we are going to highlight what happened in last few months there, which set their economy on the back foot.

Flood 2010-2011:

The flood hitting Brisbane in December 2010 ruined at least 70 towns. The economic loss was severe, estimated about A$ 1 billion. Thousands of people were forced to evacuate. The beautiful places of Brisbane; its natural and men constructed, which were the main attraction for tourists, both were greatly ruined.

a)      Rise in Prices:

Due to the floods, of course there was a great increase in the prices of normal use goods. Of course, they were also a setback for the tourists.

b)      Lack of Food:

The flood ruined the crops, and swept away many wild and domestic animals with it. It resulted in the lack of food supplies. Also, the transport of food supplies was affected a lot.

c)       Spread of Diseases:


Due to flood many lethal diseases spread in Queensland was also a gift of flood.

The Current Scenario:

Economy of Queensland is highly dependent upon tourism, so it is obvious that they pay special attention towards it. The hotel industry in Brisbane, Queensland, is holding ground again. The tourists are again making their way towards Queensland. Their hotel industry is standing up again. Now, we will discuss few steps that were taken to recover the Tourism industry:

  • Government Give Funds:

The government immediately put $12 million for recovery program. Also, Queensland Treasury has also put the direct cost to tourism at about $400 million for the 2010-11 financial year. Tourism Queensland CEO Anthony Hayes says that the program was being run in Brisbane with the support of the local tourism industry, particularly Brisbane Marketing.



  • Advertisement- Queensland is Ready to Welcome you again!

 The advertising agencies with the help of government and tourism sector, has started the advertisement of Queensland again, that it is ready to welcome the tourist from all over the world again! “Nothing Beats Queensland” was one of the campaigns started, and it did a good job, bringing the tourists back for Easter holidays.
Recovery of Roads and Highways:
All the main highways and roads which were important from tourism point of view, were quickly repaired or rebuilt. Those left, are being repaired at a good pace. The latest condition of roads can be seen at this site http://131940.qld.gov.au.

  • Patriots in Action!
    Many Australian patriots who are rich with money also, launched campaigns for recovery after the disaster. Lord Mayor Graham Quirk launched the Together Brisbane campaign which uses a cover version of Come Together to showcase the spirit of the city against January’s disaster.

  • Tourism Recovery Industry Officers:
    Tourism industry recovery officers were appointed to provide continuous support for the tourism industry after the widespread flooding and Severe Tropical Cyclone Yasi in 2011. There was a much need of on-ground staff, identified by Tourism Industry Recovery Group to guide the state`s government in economy issues.

    There are more than 101 hotels in Queensland, which can suite your budget and taste. After the flood, this sector really upset, but now after the restless efforts of Government and locals of the recovery of Tourism Industry, they are quite satisfied and happy, and they are holding the ground one again.

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Knowing your we…

Knowing your weaknesses is a greater strength than having lesser weaknesses and not knowing them!


One of the most…

One of the most painful feeling is to know that the facts “you could not” and “you did not” become equal for your loved ones.

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