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Single Woman Man VS Playboys ~~ Who is the real winner?

on December 16, 2015

Hey guys..feels good to be back in the business after quite a long time.

The question of polygamy and monogamy in the context of relations had been disturbing me for the last one month, or maybe more. Who is actually the winner? Who find his heart more satisfied at end of the day; a man completely into one woman (or vice versa), or those who are always looking for opportunities. Lets just question our hearts and think about it rationally. Lets even put our religions a side for few moments, and just be rational..just follow a pure human heart.

I am daily coming across people who are always looking for opportunities; it does not really matter if they are committed or not, they just want their so-called enjoyment, lasting only to a few nights(maximum). On the other hand, there are guys and guls who are totally committed with one person, and intend to spend their life with the same person. Apparently, it seems like they are on the losing side, maybe because they have just one person with whom they can enjoy, compared to others having dozens of opportunities daily.

But wait a minute guys, just have a look at the win ratio! If I am into just one girl (lets assume she has fallen for me as well 😉  :p hehehe), I am not gonna look for any other women. It will not matter to me if there are hundred more there or thousands. I am simply not up for them, I am just into one woman, and I have her. My whole life will be spent with her (ahhhh, I wishhh sooooo :D), without any regrets. Automatically, my win ration is cent percent!

On the other hand, if a guy (or vice versa) is always looking for opportunities, he can never have all of them. There are thousands of hundreds of men/women; can you really have all of them? A few won`t agree, few will be too distant, for few you won`t agree and then finally there will be a time (age factor) when you won`t even be able to desire of what you used to do in your golden era (youth). Ultimately your life will be spent with one men/women then, but your past will be with a success ratio of not more than 1%.

The choice is yours! 🙂


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