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The Bloody Game of Hide n Seek

on September 4, 2013

Life is such a simple and lovely gift, but we just make a complete mess of it. We all play the bloody game of hide and seek with life, and realize it when either its all too late, or we have just wasted a great deal of our mental and physical strength; thus stabbed our souls…

What God has defined, what He has advised, actually those are our very actual needs and wishes. Still, we just stray and stray…and don`t just turn until we are forced to return. We damage our souls, and we keep chasing our destruction, and stop simply when we are tired or retired… This is the bloody game of hide and seek we play, and with our very own selves… We go so far away from our actual selves, so amazing that we just refuse to believe our very own desires and chase the evil ones, though they are not our own anyway…

I guess, I am too tired now of this bloody game…


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