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Marriage and Men

on August 14, 2013

It was the marriage of Mr. Zain`s only daughter, Alia. Mr. and Mrs. Akram visited them last night, and formally proposed the marriage of their son with Alia. Faiq, Mr. Akram`s son was an engineer working in an engineering firm. Both the families had strong background, financially and culturally. However, Mr. Zain met a major accident last year, and now their financial status was not more than any other middle-class family.  Though he was very happy and had accepted the proposal, he was equally worried too about the expenses that were awaiting him now.  Mr. Akram and her wife behave pretty decently with them all the way, except of the facts that the dates of every event, the trends to be followed, and  most importantly the “so-called gifts” to be given to Alia, all were dictated from Mr. Akram`s side. The marriage did take place, and apparently every thing went very well. Nobody knew that how much did Mr Zain actually borrowed to meet the expenses, and may be, same was practiced by Mr. Akram. Just for the society, they did this all, and fooled their own selves.  

We are living in a society where every second person is find blaming the other one. Every time we talk, we are criticizing, talking about the high standards, but never ever following them. I wanted to write about this sensitive issue since a month, and it is about the marriages. The role of the family of men in marriages. They are always trying to be the dominant party, and expect other one to let them be dominant through out the life. Why? Even keeping the religion aside, is it just logical to to try dominating someone who is giving you a part of their life, a part of their self for the rest of their life? And that`s just the start, people are asking for even more. Starting from Gold, the demands end up a fully furnished apartment! How shall we rate our standard of self esteem, manhood and love for humanity then?  Where do our standards fall then? Are we humans? Are we Muslims? Under the light of Islam, a boy is raised as a true gentle men, not like the above mentioned shits. And so is for those women, who are even ahead of their husbands, actually the driving force for them.

And after this all,can we still blame for being ruined? How can we cry over our destruction, mentally and physically both. These are the shitty rituals of our society, and got nothing to do with Islam. We just have to stop making ourselves fool… Requires so much of the guts  to stand against them, or like many others, this will be another writing going in vain.


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