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on June 23, 2013

His eyes opened instantly like he had programmed himself. Actually, the brain had really been programmed by his heart, and it was just an undefinable moment. It had been almost 16 nights he had not enough sleep, still the way he got up after just a nap was like a restless soul. 

It was surely the time when he was in LOVE, but, he was surely in hate as well, with his very own self. He did not like himself, for he was a total nerd. Having an orchard of beautiful and pure feelings, but not being able to express them properly, this stage just SUCKS. It was just awesome to just claim that yes you are in love, but at the same time, the sensitivity and care level of heart almost multiplies to infinity. Writing this here, the confusions are still on the peak. When there is will, there is a way. May be he was a great nerd. A nerd that could not determine how to react properly after understanding the matter. At the same time, there were some pre-defined moments, words and feelings which could easily make him lose his head, in fact always did. It was the feeling of losing her But, losing someone due to this reason, it Kills. Literally kills. He wanted her, he wanted the relation allowed and recommended by the religion, so that he could actually show him what he was really made up of, how much care he cut have really done, and how much patience he really had, just for her. The misunderstandings were really freaking him out,,he could not lose her anyway. He does not know actually what to day rite now. Today, he is writing, because he was recommended “Write, to settle the rage within yourself”.

Things actually went too fast..and he had not time to prove it to anyone. Now, he had the fear that trying to prove himself true will just portray him worse. And when he tried to move the things on a gentle pace, he was always hit by a storm, and he had to always switch his strategy. Every day and every night was like surprise for him. And to make the surprise pleasant, he had been praying and just praying. Literally, he had realized this fact that except HIM, there is no one who can just even do a single minute thing. Asking HIM constantly for her, that was the only thing he was doing. “I pray to him that may he turn me and you into US, and make it good for all of us.” these were his words, and when she said “Aameen (may that happen)”, he was over the moon… 🙂 may that happen… 🙂 may He guide and lead them to the success.

Enough said for this hour… 🙂 missing…missing…but Oh yeah, it is the time to pray, and HE is there awaiting to listen 🙂


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