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Hardship is the Essence of Every Great Victory

on May 15, 2013

The standards set by a man himself, for himself truly reflect the caliber and greatness of that man. And how can one a great man feel satisfied if he wins the races on smooth tracks, or from lighter opponents than him. Even if due to some reasons he gets eager for the victory in the above defined scenario for few moments, it is doubtless that such a victory won`t satisfy him much. Hardships are the essence of great victories. Why does`nt any cricket team feels proud after beating the Bangladesh cricket team, or after mounting huge totals against them, and shattering their batting lineup? And why is the Johannesburg ODI, where South Africa claimed one wicket victory against Aussies after scoring 438 runs is considered as the greatest chase of all the times? have a deep look, and it will be clear that it has always been about the hurdles and hardships, which define a great man. And, Allah (God) only put those under the test who are strong enough to pass through.

I, on behalf of my whole nation, dedicate this passage to Imran Khan.

Things started from his cricket career. Remember the 1987 world cup, when we lost against Aussies in the Semi Final. It was a better Pakistani team than the winning team of WC 92. And loosing the Semi in the home ground for a man like IK… It is even hard to imagine. But for the nation upon the call of President of country, not PCB, country, he returned, and brought this nation the pride of world cup. Yes, it was a worse feeling losing the Semi in front of home crowd, but winning after that lose, in the discouraging cricketing conditions was the Best feeling. What the point is that the loss of 87, made the victory of 92 greater. Of course for the nation, two cups in a row would have been just unbelievably joyous, but trust me, the satisfaction of a victory which is achieved after loses is satisfying than any other thing!

Same goes for elections 2013. It cannot be denied that you deserved the victory, and were almost there…but Sir, great victories come after hardships  and their magnitude is determined by the caliber of that man. We know how much you have done and faced, but, your caliber is still higher. Wining in this simple way might not have satisfied you, trust me 🙂 Just some more time to go, and, we shall be victorious and satisfied… inshaAllah! 🙂


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