About me, for you!

The Bitter Truth

on May 14, 2013

Always blogged for the inner peace, for some sharing, but never needed it more than now. Yes, I am accepting the fact that I am a nerd when it comes to relations. I am just sorry to everyone, just made a mess and confused everyone. Yeah..I do seem to be just a guy fed up of everything. Actually, just fed up of my own self. Hate, hate and hate, this is what I am feeling for myself, because I am late, late and late.yeah…thats the bitter truth man..yeah. I can never prove my any of my word and clain, I am just an alien. I cannot lie. Yes I cannot lie. I am not gonna lie. Love exist only among child and parents, siblings and spouses. I do not love anybody any other person. But what difference does it really make? Love…it is a great word. It is a real big word dammit. I can`t just claim it man.. am sorry. I cannot just become what this world wants. I cannot just follow these shitty rituals and traditions. Isnt it just hilarious that a person just backs next day after claiming to LOVE someone!! Love isnt a joke man! I do not want the other person to lie to me either, I cannot just understand what this world wants. A relation can work, and go great on the basis of understanding. Love, is developed automatically then. Why is this world so fake and coward to not accept the reality and truth? Why the hell… I may sound cykic, pessimist and weird now, but, that is what I really am. This, is may be the end.


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