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Great Wars are Often Fought Alone!

on May 12, 2013

I really dream for the time when I will be writing in a happy mode…seems to be too distant right now 🙂 So, it was the elections yesterday (11th May) …and what a day it really was! Had the experience of so many feelings in just one day! The day started with the wait in queue to cast our vote. I was with my friend and brother. May be it was the first time I waited and felt the heat, when I could have easily avoided this. But, i did not do this for others. This, was totally for our own, very own future, which is connected with Pakistan in every way.

We got our turn, and we casted the vote. It was such a nice feeling…seriously 🙂 Things were going so nice till then. I had been in touch with some of my friends and closed ones mean while, and their response had made my day even better! But then, RIGGING started! It was the first time I had voted, and I swear, these news had pumped my blood and flared me up…but I was helpless. That was the time, I felt my strategy being verified. I never had doubts on it actually, but I did need a refresher really.

Things started to go worse, and worst. The tables were literally turned over, and Rigging was at peak. Finding myself helpless at that time was one of the worst feelings really…and it was to be realized that Great Wars are Fought Alone, Often. When ever we need someone, we find our selves alone, often. Dependency, it is just a curse. We came alone in this world, we will go in the same way. Thus, every milestone we achieve or reach, mostly, we are alone…! 🙂 Good night people!


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