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Early in being Late

on May 6, 2013

Just felt like it is the perfect time to fill some pages of my diary, but, I did not want to be unheard this time… At the end of the day, the belief that am not a suitable person for the social relationships, has got firm than ever! Got so much to say really…

Being able to differentiate between the primary and secondary objectives of my life is may be the only good thing I have done so far…and this good thing has given me pain…:) A social happiness may just be the most joyous for me,, but it cannot be the most satisfying… It is easy…it is common…but if I am saying that it is easy and common, it does not mean that I am not eager for it, I cannot handle it or I don`t deserve it.

Being in the don`t care condition for the 95% of the time, and then realizing that you care, and you care a lot…it is just not good for you…and just gets worse when you try to make the other person realize this. Yes, that is not the primary goal of my life, but among the secondary ones, it surely stands primary. Never wanted someone to realize that I have got all what you want, but…thats life..:) It is discouraging that you get late in realizing your feelings and the person who deserves it…but may be, all these loses will combine into a bigger happiness for me…:)) This, is not the end, but I really fear that if I am late this time, I won`t be alone…many more will be in queue..with the regrets not lesser than mine…


5 responses to “Early in being Late

  1. Ali Qazi says:

    i liked you post bro but its jus too depressing….i believe in ‘Things happens for good’ so there must be something better for you, jus chillax and write something exciting, something lively,


    Alive is awesome \m/ 😛

  2. Qasim says:

    read Immaturity and Impurity… and thnx a ton bro 😀

  3. Qasim says:

    in fact read the quotes… you will find them lively… 🙂

  4. dilaszooni says:

    * good things never give you pain Qashimm 🙂 Happiness is always from Inside. Try to find your true inner happiness which satisfy your heart…!
    be grateful, be happier => more fulfilled!

    nicely composed! 🙂

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