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Immaturity and Impurity

on April 8, 2013

“My Power is the Power of Ten, because My Heart is Pure”

while teaching, I read this last year, and finally I am writing about it… Immaturity, or impurity ? However before writing this, I want to apologize my western visitors, because this post may just seem to be just some a very obvious writing to them. But being an South Asian, I am just fed up of the illogical and senseless comments I come across everyday, so decided to write. Since I am often termed as a child, lets start from a child, that what are the real characteristics of a child. In my view, a child is immature, but pure. According to me, a grown up person is expected to be mature, but not IMPURE.

A child wants to eat everything, and this is his immaturity, but not impurity. A child enjoys and shares his minor joys, small incidents and blah blah. Getting excited is very common for a child, but this does not reflect immaturity. This is a sign of purity that he says and tries to show what he feels, thus, he stays natural. He has got neutral views for the world, so he does not consider them someone to hide his feelings from. Enjoying the little moments of your life never reflects immaturity…the freedom o expression in not a sign of foolishness, provided that is does not hurt someone. After growing up, not many of the people turn mature, but surely impure. I mean, does telling a lie reflects maturity? Does stopping your self from showing your happiness in front of your loved ones reflect that you are immature? keep telling lies to fake honor and reputation represents maturity?  If this is true, than I will prefer to be among one of the most immature people of this world. Of course, I am not trying to convince anybody that I am not immature, but just a logical argument. In the end, I don’t really care what people think about me, but simply writing because may be, this post will tune those who have had good intentions 🙂


2 responses to “Immaturity and Impurity

  1. Danish says:

    It’s good, I will have to read it all.

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