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ME and just ME!

on April 3, 2013

The closer one is to our heart, more lethal he gets. Considering someone your friend is a blessing if your thoughts are correct; you have not read that guy wrong. But in the other case, you are soon to fall in a dilemma, with your soul drowning in the valley of confusion and the plates of your confidence being shaken like during the earthquake!

Once again, I was realized that it is just like a miracle or wonder if you can really call somebody your friend, otherwise most of the people really want to enjoy their actions, but incapable of bearing the reaction. The limits in any relation cannot be just defined by one person, but most of the people want to dominate. I just don`t know if this problem lies in the region of south Asia or throughout the globe, but is truly a killer. A true man can never be ditched by the same person, and I gotta remind my heart every now then about this!


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