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Theme Parks

on March 30, 2013

The latest technology is not proving handing for our luxuries, but it is also doing a great deal for entertainment.  The outdoor movie nights were never so much enjoyable as they are now, owing to the movie set ups now at the water parks. Movies are projected onto a large screen, and watching them under the stars, in open air sitting at lawn`s chairs on the pool`s decking of the wave pool really has made the outdoor movie night a delight.  The kids keep floating in the inner tubes, while parents enjoy the movie.

The high definition, crystal clear and super sized movie screen do take you to the movie world; making it feels very real. The aquatic themes set by the park owners like Flushed Away, Sharks Tail and Free Willy are another charm for the outdoor movie nights. It has also given the birth to many new mobile cinema service providers, and those who were already in, are really happy with this technology. This business is doing very well, and also the water parks are more attractive place now. Southern outdoor cinema in Atlanta has emerged as the biggest provider of mobile cinema services in US. More comfortable and suitable decking are also now in much more demand, and the restaurants are being profited more too. Not only this, but Hollywood has also recognized this step as a milestone for the advertisement and promotion of film industry. Thus, this is proving to be a great marketing tool.

These inflatable movie screens are also helping the fund raising companies. These movie nights earn a good deal, and this fund is often used for charity and fund raising. Recently Relay for Life, one of the biggest events of American Society which works for fighting against cancer incorporated the inflatable movie screen into the event. One of the greatest achievements of this inflatable screen is that is has become a source of communal experience. In past, films were a source of social gathering, when technology was not so common and people used to sit together and watch movies. Owing to this technology now, films are again becoming a vital source of social gathering, especially for small town like in South Carolina.


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