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Why are we Discussing about AURA??

on March 3, 2013
Well, this Question have taken birth in the mind of many that why are we discussing about it?? As an engineer, we can`t even lit a bulb from it, so what’s the use??
The answer is simple, but very amazing. Just keeping aside that can we lit a bulb from aura or not, still we can use(means take work from it) the one who can make lighting of bulbs possible, just by having a comprehensive understanding of Aura, so it can never be termed as something small!!
Different type of people have different color aura exhibited from them..and it can be used for understanding the thoughts and kind of that person, before he himself really discloses them.
And well… that`s not over,in fact just the beginning. If we start thinking little bit about this aura..we may be convinced to the fact that every phenomena can be related with this aura..the following explanations may convince you people too…

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