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Introduction to AURA

on March 3, 2013
  • Introduction

Nothing in this universe is realistically paranormal,but it is the range of our thoughts and knowledge which term them paranormal.

There is a fact, a fact to which most of us will definitely agree, but may be none of us ever had thought about it… WHAT EVER IS THERE IN THIS UNIVERSE,IS BASICALLY VIBRATION,MAY IT BE OF ANY AMPLITUDE AND TYPE,BUT THE BASES ARE VIBRATI0N. It is a well established fact that the vibration results in either gain, or transfer of energy, and according to physics, it results in emission of photons(waves).

For making things fit and absorbed easily, let me start from the example that just like different colors are nothing, but a change of frequency(or you may say wavelength), the rays emitted from the universe as a result of vibration, also may differ in colours,just due to the change in their energy or you may call frequency for simplicity.

Human beings, the most important part of this universe, also have rays emitted from their bodies, and we term them Aura


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