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3)Prayers…And Aura

on March 3, 2013

It is always said that a prayer, or wish from the very depth of heart always come true.

This can be understood in the following example.

Ali wants his brother to play cricket with him. He asks him consistently, but he is rejected. Now what is happening internally is that, Assume the energy required to convince brother is 7x. When Ali tried to convince him with words, he could only reach up to 4x energy. So he was rejected, now he goes to pray, and with the depth of his heart. Suddenly his brother is convinced, as he was able to reach to that energy level, because when he prayed, his energies, going out from him, entered his brother. As they were just perfect for him to accept the offer, he started playing.

It might had happen that Ali`s prayers would have gone in vain, most probably because of not having a pure desire and whole heartedness.

So, when ever we pray whole heartedly, we have the best of our concentration, which results in the best exhibition of our energy, in other words, Aura!!


2 responses to “3)Prayers…And Aura

  1. Tulany says:

    Good effort …. 🙂

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