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2) Likes, Dislikes and Aura

on March 3, 2013

This fact is the easiest to be understood in terms of aura, and may be best explained by aura as well.

We like to spent time with some people, and with some people, we dislike even talking with them. Why? Even in siblings, it can be seen.

What happens is that our receivers absorb the aura of both persons, but the response for both of them differs. For the one we like, obviously our auras match, but for the one we don’t like, we have a mismatch with their aura.

The same is with words, when we want to hear some words, like if I m asking a friend to come to me, I will be desiring to listen “I am coming”, and if he says so, I will be happy, which means that listening or having our desires results in a matching aura absorption.


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