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The Theorem of Duality

on March 2, 2013

Are we loyal to ourselves? Mr. Ali, the professor of Humanities and Socialism asked this question. The quest for nothing, but shining grades did not allow the students to take this sentence as more than a question, and they started thinking for the better and better arguments, just to prove their opinion. Was it really a topic, or a wakeup call…?

Every now and then we find ourselves criticizing the government; its corruption and its selfishness. But it’s only one part of the story. Is our self government better than the government of our country? How many times do we stop at the traffic signal when there is no cop? How many times do we refuse the need based scholarships when our monthly income allows us to afford the fee? How many times do we just even try to resist giving the bribe, just for the sake of some time and money?

If we were really able to analyze and rectify our own character, then surely our land had been proud of us. Being PROUD PAKISTANIS has been a slogan of many, but we have never made Pakistan proud of us…in fact, never even tried. It is not that we are cheating with our mother land or fellows, but only with our own selves. The truth is that we are not loyal to our selves, not even a bit. Yes, the best form of love is Self Love, but cheating your fellow and wining the game is never a symptom of love. A victory by illegal means is always apparent, actually, we are digging a ditch for our own selves. We reap what we sow, but unfortunately, only a few are sensible enough to realize this.

Every religion has its laws ensuring the social rights and security. But unfortunately, social rights are considered as least significant in our region, whereas, the reality is totally opposite; they are most significant. Unfortunately, we always fail to realize this. Where do we lack actually? The problem lies in our basic teaching and training… From day one of our life, we are taught the theorem of duality. We are not taught to face the reality, but live in a fake world. A world, which has smiling faces, but crying hearts…a world which teaches us hypocrisy…a world which prefers temporariness over permanence… It is very hard for a child to adopt the line of his interest if it is any other than engineering, law, medical science or some other well known in our region. Not an enemy, but his own parents turn out to be the biggest opposition, in fact the hurdle in his way. Why? Simply, because they will feel embarrassed in the society for some 4, 5 years because their child is playing some sports, or is in some other less known field. They will prefer the good name of 4, 5 years over a good fame of a life time…why?

Why do we cheat with ourselves? Whenever we get any chance to do some corruption, we do it 100%…it is just that we have lesser authority, so the corrupted amount gets overwhelmed by government`s one. But if we compare the corruption percentages, the stats will speak that who is more corrupt; government or the common man. But to satisfy our selves and maintain our fake honor in this society of lost identities, we give the complete credit to government.

Why are we always trying to earn a good name just in our society, even at the cost of our legal needs? How many luxuries have we imposed on ourselves as necessities, and how many needs we scarify daily in the name of our social laws? Ultimately it is ruining our identity, but it requires a lot of insight and courage to accept this, and wake up… We all are the part of a society, where we are acting, acting and just acting daily…and getting far and far from our identity…it is time for us to wake up, and start living a real life…because we are what we are, not what people want us to be…


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