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Casey Anthony– Justice for Sale

on March 2, 2013

Casey Anthony, who was being molested by her father for years and his so-called bother Lee, was charged for the murder of her 2-year daughter, Caylee. Anthony had been lacking time for her boyfriends; of course after her father and brother, Caylee was the biggest hurdle. If someone commits a murder in this situation, it is not a big surprise. May be, Anthony has now turned into a serial killer due to her mental condition! Watching her daughter lifeless in the pool, a normal woman even with a bit of feelings only, would have turned crazy with sorrow and called 911. No matter if she was sure that child has expired, a women in normal mental condition still had tried.

More than Anthony, the guilty is Jury, who were not convinced of Anthony as the killer. Their conclusion that Anthony is not guilty of murder is truly a moronic and biased decision. How could they not draw a simple decision after having so many evidences? May be because when you need to make a decision in lesser time to go for vacations on an ocean cruise, you won`t be bothered much about your job in the last days. One of the lawyers had to leave on 6th July. Moreover, a lady like Anthony could have easily made some deal with panel of judges, as she was just to sign in porn movie before this incident, and kept at least two boyfriends at a time! Justice was sold; media was not given a damn and law was assassinated, thanks to the selfish jury; you are the real proud of Americans, but Americans like Anthony only!


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